Tasty Taco Burgers

    I made these last night for the Father in Laws Birthday Bash.  They were a complete success!  The family loved them and they went great with the Chili's Chips and Salsa and avacado ranch (try it! MY FAVE!!!) and the Rice a Roni Mexican Rice I made.  Really, what a fantastic meal!  Top with sour cream and salsa and it makes for a fantastic change to an all time favorite!

1 pound groud beef
1 package taco seasoning mix
8 kraft american cheese singles
4 kaiser rolls, split (I just used normal hamburger buns)
lettuce leaves
sour cream

MIX 1 pound ground beef and taco seasoning mix.  Shape into 4 patties.
GRILL patties on the grill until desired doneness.  Top each patty with cheese.
FILL rolls with lettuce and cheeseburgers.  Top with salsa and sour cream.

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  1. Taco and hamburger...yummy! Following you here too.


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