"Its a lifestyle... not a diet..."

I recently had a baby and of course have some extra pounds to get rid of.  As a lover of food it has been hard for me to eat the way I really should to see the results that I want.  My friend over at www.fit2fat2fit.com
has helped me a ton in achieving my goals!  Check out his website and learn about his journey!  His motto is "It's a lifestlye, not a diet" and its been great applying it to my life. He has great meal plans that has helped me lose 5 pounds in a week and a half and an inch off my waist.  He has great, healthy food choices that really makes eating right a lot more easy that I thought it would be!!!  I now crave healthy food choices rather than fattening ones, and I can even pass up a candy bar now! lol

I for the next little while will be posting my meal recipes I find that taste great and are healthy choices!  Note the side column for "healthy" to see the recipes I find online and try in my kitchen. :)

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