Spinach Wrap

I am such a sucker for going to those high end bakery's and paying way too much money for this exact type of meal.  This creation reminds me of my favorite eatery in Virginia, The Joyful Spirit Cafe. So of course I was so pleased when I came up with this replica! If you have the right ingredients, you can eat like a queen everyday! :)
This chicken wrap is one of my favorite wraps.  You will thoroughly enjoy this one!

Spinach Wrap Tortilla (found with the flour tortillas)
Baby spinach
Cooked cubed chicken
Diced Avacados
Low-fat cream cheese
Costco's Pineapple habenero salsa
Diced roma tomato

How to Assemble:
Layer softened cream cheese on open tortilla
Spread a little layer of the salsa on the cream cheese.
(warning, this stuff has quite the kick, start of with a smaller amount..)
A small layer of spinach (cut stems off)
The throw on the rest of the ingredients.
Roll up and ENJOY!

*I served this with my homemade tomato basil soup.  You can find that recipe in the side bar under the label of 'soup'...

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